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Racks for Research!

Okay, I've decided to join the ranks of those on my f-list who will be showing our boobs for breast cancer research next week! Here's how it works . . .

On Sept. 17th, drjeff will put up an entry locked to ONLY those either posting pics or pledging money to the cause. It's rather like a boob-athon: Donors pledge a certain amount per pair that gets posted (you can cap the total amount if you wish). Right now I think that with the number of women posting and the pledges so far, it's coming out to about $12 per rack.

I'm certain we can do better than that, so come on, friends - either put up some money or put up a pair! All sizes, shapes, and sorts are welcome, and if you really want to be modest you are allowed to cop out with just a bra shot (There's no bra in my picture, though). :D

What could be better than mad cheekiness in pursuit of a breast cancer cure? Brilliant, I say. :-) And for all of you out there who have been DYING to see my boobies (ha ha ha ha ha), well, now's your chance! Sure, you'll have to fork out some money, but surely it's cheaper than having to take me to dinner and a movie. *snerk* ;) And it's for a very good cause. This is one disease that personally scares me a lot, so let's take some action together.



(And I hope you don't mind, martip, but I swiped a bunch of your text for my entry. And a great line from yokospongeon as well. Thanks, ladies!)
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