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Obsession starts to descend . . .

Bwah! Well, I’ve now gone from scrambling to think of one decent idea for my novel to having THREE pretty darned good ideas. Well, okay, maybe “pretty darned good” is an exaggeration, but I do think all three have potential. There’s the Egyptian thing I mentioned a few days ago (hopefully more Neil Gaiman than Anne Rice, though, cathepsut!!! :D :D :D); a fictionalized story about some Titanic survivors (this is the current front-runner in my mind); and I also remembered that I want to write a sequel to my 2004 novel, “Speak of the Devil.” Okay, so I’m a bit short on actual PLOT ideas (well, except for the “Titanic” idea, which has large sections of plot built into the idea by virtue of these having been real people), but I’m reading Chris Baty’s book and am choosing to believe that having no plot really is no problem. :D

Now, I’ve just got to choose which one I’ll write! (I will probably let my LJ friends join in the fun by creating a poll sometime soon, too). Of course, there’s always the chance that something else will occur to me between now and November 1st. YIPPIE!

I am really getting EXCITED about this, and am itching to start writing. Which, of course, I can’t do. I might pick up “Speak of the Devil” and do some editing, though, in the meantime. YAY FOR NANOWRIMO!!!!!!!!

I’m herebedragons at the site, btw, if anyone out there wants to add me as a buddy. :D

ETA: And I don't know if I mentioned this in my earlier entry or not, but C is going to do NaNo this year, too - there's a young writer's site for children 12 and under. WHOO HOO!!!!! (Of course, he'll be writing something about the Titanic). :D
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