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Google Search Meme

I meant to sit down and write a gigantic update this evening, but instead I played spider solitaire all night long. And now it's almost bedtime, and too late for me to write anything with any real content, so here's a fun meme instead (which I first saw over at one4worldpeace's journal).

What have I been searching for? What have YOU been searching for? If your browser has a pulldown for your recent Google (or other) search history, post your last six searches in your journal.

1. learning to use an abacus - this is a project I intend to start with Connor tomorrow, in an attempt to be creative in teaching him math.

2. titanic the ship that never sank - I saw a book by this title at Borders today, and was trying to remind myself of the author's name so I could find it at the library (neither of my two local library systems have it in their catalogue, though). I didn't want to pay money for it, because I suspect that it's crap, but basically it details some guy's conspiracy theory that the Titanic really didn't sink, but that it was her sister ship, Olympic, that sank - some sort of insurance scam perpetrated by the White Star Line and the British Government. I'm curious, but not curious enough to pay $20 for the book. :D

3. ice skates online - Trying to re-locate the website from which I'm planning to buy ice skates for myself and for Connor. Tomorrow, in fact.

4. grace cathedral - looking to see if it's convenient to BART (it's not), so I'll have to figure out a time to visit (to walk one of the labyrinths) which I'll be able to drive into the city. And pray for a parking space.

5. four horsemen of the apocalypse - because I just love these guys! (Doesn't everyone)? Hee - okay, so really I was doing a tiny bit of research whilst editing my 2004 NaNovel.

6. 9th symphony beethoven lyrics german - Freude, schoner Gotterfunken Tochter aus Elysium! (pardon the lack of umlauts). I wanted to find these lyrics so that Connor and I could sing along with a scene in the Beatles' film "Help!" (when they save Ringo from the escaped tiger). Have I mentioned that my kid has become a BIG Beatles fan lately?
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