Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

Titanic (1953)

I really enjoyed this film. Oh, it’s not perfect – some glaring (and not so glaring) historical innacuracies, and parts of the fictionalized human dramas are at least as sappy as Cameron’s, but by the end, I was pulled into the story, and found myself really moved by what they did with some of the fictional characters (in other words, I cried. And not just a little bit). Plus, it’s always fun to see how a filmmaker will interpret certain events, as well as what is included and what isn’t. Surprsingly, neither Ismay nor Andrews appear in this film, but of course the Straus’ are in evidence. (I’m convinced that the Straus’ are, and will surely always be, featured in EVERY SINGLE dramatic presentation of this story, although they will just as surely never be the main characters in any of them). :D All things considered, I thought this was well done, although not nearly as good as “A Night to Remember” which came out only a few years later. 7/10

Tags: films, titanic

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