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NaNoWriMo Day 6 - 12,945

Hmnh. I did sit down and write a bit this evening, but didn't feel too inspired, so I'm going to call it quits for tonight. I did get some writing done this afternoon, stuff that I'd worked out in my head over the weekend. I need to get back in the groove and get some new stuff flowing, though.

I did manage to do something "constructive" today - I have body count! :P An entry in syrinxkat's journal got me thinking about the subject, and I've decided to track that, too. By the end of my book, I'll have "killed" at least 1,510 people. Maybe I can add a few more creative deaths into the mix, though. Bwahahahahahahaha! Although I'm a pacifist in real-life, I do enjoy a bit of fictional violence. ;)

So . . . stats so far:

Body count: 3 (one death by raging mama hippopotamus; 2 by drowning).

ETA: Oops! Make that 5 deaths. I forgot about 1 death in battle and 1 complications after childbirth. Oh, I'm a bloodthirsty creature, aren't I? ;)
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