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WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I am somewhat disappointed with my fellow Calfornians on the way some of the initiative votes turned out, I am so so so so so THRILLED that we managed to get Richard Pombo - notorious enemy of the environment, and all-around dodgy character as far as I'm concerned - out of office! There was some concern that McNerney was too liberal to win in what's traditionally a pretty conservative part of the state (not the Bay Area in general, but this particular district), but he did it!!!!! *does gigantic happy dance* Score one for the field mice! This, btw, is a reference to one of Pombo's ads against McNerney, which featured the Democrat holding a mouse, and Pombo's campaign stating something like, "McNerney cares more about this mouse than he does about your rights," (or some such rubbish) because McNerney doesn't agree with Pombo's desire to rape the Endangered Species Act. Did I mention that Pombo has been leading the drive to open up Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling? And did I mention that I'm THRILLED that he was voted out of office? :D :D :D

Also, I was pleased to see that some of the Green Party candidates got what I'd call a respectable percentage of the vote. In a state where less than one percent of voters are registered Green, in many races, we got 2 percent of the vote. Okay, so we're not winning elections yet, but you've gotta start somewhere.

YAY! NO MORE POMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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