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NaNo - Day 8

20458. Pretty good, considering I'm stuck in a place where I need to do some research before I can continue (despite Stephen King's advice, I really do need to crack open a few books before going further with Amen-Ra). On the plus side, a trip to the library today yielded at least one VERY good book with bunches of stuff I'll be able to incorporate. I still haven't tracked down exactly what I'm looking for (some mythological stories about Amen-Re beyond merely how he came into being). I'm not really sure a suitable story exists, actually, and if it doesn't, well, I'll just make something up. So, to get some word count tonight, I skipped ahead about 3,000 years, and started writing up the stuff in the Edwardian era.

I'm really not disappointed by my word count right now, although by this time in 2004, I'd already crossed the "finish line" as it were - I'd written more than 50,000 words by Day 8 that year, although since my story wasn't complete, I did keep going throughout the rest of the month. Still, I'm not worried about finishing. I probably should be more concerned about quality. Not yet, though. I'm still all about quantity, for the time being. I think I'm done writing for tonight - I will poke around a bit more in the books I brought home from the library. Maybe something fantastic will appear. :)

Also, body count? Still holding steady at five. *hangs head in shame*
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