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NaNo - Day 13 - 46,001

Well, I don't want to post any ginormous spoilers (just in case anyone cares about that sort of thing), but I'm feeling pretty crappy. I did something kind of awful to my main character, something bad enough that it drove her insane. She'll get better again - well, sort of - but it still really sucks. But, without all this angst, there's not much point in writing a book, right? People want to read about angst, don't they? Huh? HUH? :D

I'm SO close to 50,000, I can taste it, but I don't think there's any chance I'll get there before midnight, so I'm not even going to try tonight. Not like 50,000 means anything at this point. I'm maybe half-way through my narrative, so I've still got plenty of writing ahead of me this month. I might write a bit more tonight, but maybe something cheerful. Maybe I could throw another sex scene in somewhere along the line. ;) Nothing graphic, though - the "smut" I wrote last night (at least I think it was last night), was pretty tame, I think. Maybe I'll post a bit of it. Or maybe something else. (Because I don't want to imply that I think my f-list has a preference for reading smut. Oh, heavens, I'd never accuse you guys of something like THAT). ;D

Also, pussreboots and greekphilosophy, your names are both now written into the 1912 part of the book, and right now, the way it looks is that the two of you just might be falling in love. I hope that's all right. :D Of course, it's too soon too tell. One of you might try to murder the other by the end of the book, so we'll just have to wait and see. ;) (Oh, and S, you get to be a descendent of Cleopatra, which I think is sorta cool).

(That word count is really not as fantastical as it looks - 8,900 of those words should have been credited to yesterday, but the NaNo website was down, so I couldn't post them until this morning. Boo Hiss).

Body count - still 6. Haven't managed to kill anyone else yet. I only managed to drive someone insane.
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