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NaNo - Day 14 - 50,000

Well, 50,000 just snuck up on me, and nearly got by me without my noticing. I really thought I hadn't written enough yet tonight, but I looked at the counter on my statistics window and was surprised to see that I had 50,021 words! So, YAY! My NaNo win this year is in the bag! Still have loads more to write, so I'm not stopping now, but the major hurdle is behind me now.

My 50,000th word is power, from the sentence:

Amen-Re paused before answering. "I am not entirely sure. It is not one of our gods, but a power from a far-off land."

This also happens to be a very speculative line, introducing the idea that one of the Titans (from Greek mythology) is behind some of the shenanigans. I'm not sure that I'll go anywhere with this, but it does fit in with the whole "Titanic" thing later on, so we'll see. Chances are, though, that this line won't appear in the final draft. But who cares? It counts right now! :D

*does happy dance of "completed" NaNoWriMo*

ETA: Forgot to post these earlier:

Body count: Still 6, darn it! But I should be able to kill someone tomorrow.

Ancient Egyptian curses cast: One. Which might sound like enough, but there's another one on its way, probably also tomorrow. :D
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