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Book Reviews - #112 - 124

In spite of all the writing I've done this month, I have also done a surprisingly large amount of reading. Sometimes I just need to take a break from the computer, and one of my favorite ways to do this is a hot bath and a book. So, here are some reviews (although, because of the time crunch I've been under lately, many of these aren't particularly detailed):

#112 - Boy of the Painted Cave
#113 - The Sumerians
#114 - Mesopotamia - Iraq in Ancient Times
#115 - The Dante Club
#116 - Pyramid (Eye Witness)
#117 - The Corrections
#118 - Egyptian Myths
#119 - The Three Princes: A Tale From the Middle East
#120 - The Explosive Child
#121 - Al Capone Does My Shirts
#122 - Titanic: Destination Disaster
#123 - Lost
- The Star Beast
#124 - The Floppy Sleep Game
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