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NaNo - Day 21 - 72358

Didn't do a whole lot of writing this evening. Again, I felt a bit under-motivated, although I did write one scene that I've been wanting to write. Only about 2,000 words, though. And I've still got BUNCHES to write. The mummy isn't even close to being "woken up" yet. *sigh* But, I stopped tonight because I came up with a little twist when writing this last scene, and I'm not sure how I want to continue with it yet, so I thought I'd sleep on it and see what pops into my mind. Last night, I ended up getting out of bed to grab some paper and jot down dialogue that came into my head, so maybe something similar will happen tonight.

Also, in other NaNo news, I was chuffed to discover that a suggestion I made in the forums has gotten some good feedback - I asked about the possibly of a body-count tracking widget next year, but in the comments, the suggestion sort of morphed into a customizable, track any old thing you WANT widget. And how cool would THAT be?

So, next year if there's a body-count or all-purpose widget available, I'll be doing a GIGANTIC happy dance all over the place, and will probably be totally obnoxious about how it was ALL MY IDEA!!!!! :P :P :P

I would really like to finish my narrative by the end of the day on Thursday. Which could very well happen. Assuming I get a bit more inspiration than I've been feeling so far this week! Meh.
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