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V for Vendetta

WOW! This was a fantastic film - one of the best I've seen in a long time. A very long time. As so often happens, I'm seeing it ages after everyone else did, so probably no one will be interested in talking about it anymore, so I'll just say that I LOVED it, and leave it at that.

Except for the few spoilerish comments I'll put

I was KICKING myself half-way through when we found out that she'd been at V's all the time? During the interrogation segment? Because when that part first started, I KNEW that it was him! I just knew it! (The tree was moving outside the building, remember)? But then I let myself forget, and by the time she found out, I was totally surprised. Even though I'd already guessed the truth! *facepalm*

Also, did anyone else cry at the end? And I couldn't decide if I was crying because the ending was very satisfying, or because I was so traumatized by watching the destruction of a landmark which has great sentimental significance for me. Probably a little bit of both. Heh. I thought "Aliens of London" was bad. Whoa.

Oh, I'm sure I could go on and on about the great stuff in this film, but I pretty much loved all of it. The themes, the creepiness. From what I'd heard about the film before watching it, I didn't think I would like V (plus, Hugo Weaving creeps me out, in general). But V was wonderful. Natalie Portman was terrific, and, well, the whole thing just held my attention from start to finish (which is saying something, these days. I've given up on more than a few films in recently years - if it doesn't grab me, I don't waste my time). This was definitely not a waste of my time. OMG SO GOOD!

10/10 (can't remember the last time I gave a film this rating).
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