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Thursday Thirteen

A big holiday entry is on the way (well, as soon as I've written it, anyway), but for now, I wanted to get back to posting the Thursday Thirteens. I forgot for a couple of weeks, but I'm back now!

Thirteen Things that made Wendy happy this Christmas

1. Connor's happy, smiling face as he opened his presents
2. Dragon presents!
3. My new electric blanket
4. A Muppet Christmas Carol
5. Connor's decorated tree
6. The remote control Dalek
7. Firefly
8. Loads of games for my computer
9. My new iPod
10. Watching Connor read his new books
11. My grandmother telling me she'd already started reading one of the books I sent her
12. Not having to buy my own Christmas Eve pajamas this year
13. Knowing that I made Connor (and a few other people, I hope) happy this year

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
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3. http://www.mythreesons.blog-city.com
4. http://maggie.coffeeshopmafia.com
5. Brony (http://mentalmommy.blogspot.com)

(leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

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