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2006 Book Round-Up

Here's my final batch of book reviews for 2006, and while I was at it, I thought I'd do a sort of "round up" of all the books I read last year. It also strikes me as interesting that I read almost NOTHING during December. At least, I didn't manage to finish any books. I did read - I'm in the middle of "White Teeth" right now, and I did some other reading, too, but I can't seem to remember actually finishing anything after about the first of the month. Ah well. Just means I've got a jump-start on 2007.

#125 - How to Use Yoga
#126 - Titanic: Women and Children First
#127 - White Star: Dog on the Titanic
#128 - Skara Brae

Now, for a little round-up of what I read last year:

BTW, I'm just making up these questions as I go, so if anyone knows of a real "books I read last year" meme, with better questions/categories, please let me know! :)

My favorite book of the year: "Daughter of Time," by Josephine Tey. I adored this book; it was a great mystery and historical fiction all rolled into one, and I found myself completely drawn in, in a way that rarely happens to me anymore (although it did often when I was a child). I was actually bouncing up and down at one point, that's how excited I was by the way the mystery was unfolding. And, best of all, it's a genuine (as in historical) mystery. ROCK ON!

My least favorite book of the year: I'll name two books here. First, "The Star Beast" by Robert Heinlein, which I disliked so much, I didn't bother to finish it. The book I disliked most that I did finish was "Raptor" by Paul Zindel. Bad, bad, bad.

Best surprise of the year: Ooh. I have to give this award to "Daughter of Time," as well. It was a present from my mother, and when I first looked at the cover, I thought, "UGH. What the heck? This is about Richard the Third? Sounds DEADLY dull." Boy, oh boy was I wrong. :)

Worst disappointment of the year: "Lost" by Gregory Maguire. I loved his "Confessions," and had high expectations for this book, but I found I just didn't enjoy it. The main character was unlikable (mitigating circumstances notwithstanding), and the writing was difficult for me to follow. Meh. I'll probably still read his "Snow White" retelling, but I'm not nearly as excited about it now.

Favorite Non-Fiction Read: I'm going to name two books here, as well. "Why Men Love Bitches" was a wonderfully eye-opening book for me, loaded with tons of great advice, IMO. "The Explosive Child" was also very helpful for me in re-framing some of my son's behavior. Both of these books had a positive effect on me this year.

Favorite Children's Book: "Egyptian Myths" by Jacqueline Morley. A gorgeous, gorgeous book.

Biggest Tear-Jerker: "Pobby and Dingan," by Ben Rice. OMG, I cried for at least half-an-hour after finishing this book. Broke my heart. More than once, IIRC.

Funniest: Movies in Fifteen Minutes, by Cleolinda. Movie parodies that are SO FUNNY! Plus, she's an LJer, and is continually publishing more material. (Note to self: go read some of her new stuff).

Favorite Re-Read: The Haunted Mountain, by Mollie Hunter. This was a childhood favorite, and has definitely stood the test of time. Still a fantastic story, one I enjoyed reading with my son this past year. I'm sure this won't be the last time I read it, either.

Favorite Classic: "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens. Why didn't I read this years ago? I ask myself this about a lot of classics; I've neglected a great many of them. This is a wonderful story, and was quite enjoyable to read aloud.

All my reviews for 2006 can be found here, along with a link to all my reviews from the past several years. Since I started keeping track, anyway.
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