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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Wendy

This week . . . Thirteen things I'm looking foward to this year:

1. Moving to Puerto Rico
2. Seeing new birds in Puerto Rico
3. Learning to speak Spanish
4. The Rosicrucian Tools for Self Mastery course I started yesterday
5. Getting some experience as a yoga teacher
6. Moving into a new house, and all the possibilities for reorganizing and decorating that go along with it
7. Doing fun stuff with my son!
8. Horseback riding in the rainforest
9. Visiting friends and family in socal before we move
10. Boating and trips to the beach
11. Getting completely out of debt!
12. Reading some of the great books I've got waiting on my bookshelves
13. All the things I'll learn about myself and others in the coming year

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