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U.S. Politics

I yanked this verbatim from syrinxkat (hope you don't mind, K):

"FWIW, the new assistant majority leader, Dick Durbin, is soliciting input as to what the new Senate's priorities should be in the next session. It's a pre-set list of options, but if any of them speak to your beliefs, you can take the survey here -


People often complain that politicians do nothing, or are out of touch - why not take a couple of minutes and toss your thoughts into the pool? It's certainly easier than taking the time to sit and write a letter to an elected official, and what does it hurt to express your opinions? Maybe it'll do some good :)"


Jan. 10th, 2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
Hm... I hope he uses it to help set priorities, rather than just wave whatever list results and say 'Look! Tha American people supports our agenda!'
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