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Started this weekend

Well, actually, I started a LibraryThing catalogue about a year ago, but gave up on it in favor of the easier-to-enter AllConsuming. But now, I’ve decided that AllConsuming is just not the right place for my book database, so I’m going to get everything into LibraryThing after all.

This weekend, I’ve entered a few hundred books, starting with the ones I’ve got registered over at BC (since LT lets you enter BCIDs and link directly to those entries. Cool). I’m about two-thirds of the way through my BC data, and then I’ll switch over to the books I’ve read and reviewed for the past few years (there will be some overlap there, but I want to get all my book reviews into LT). Then, I’ll attack the big list over at AllConsuming. And from there? Who knows . . . maybe I’ll figure out some way to excavate a few more books out of my memory.

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