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Books! 7 - 22

It hasn't been all that long since my last book update, but I've got quite a few to list. I've been rather more dedicated lately, having taken on so many challenges. :D I'm also on a push for Connor to read through some of his books that are starting to be too "babyish" for him, so I can give them away before we move.

#7 - Con Mi Hermano, by Eileen Roe
#8 - Un Cuento De Peces, Más O Menos/a More or Less Fish Story, by David Wylie
#9 - Eleven on Top, by Janet Evanovich
#10 - Berlitz Español Nivelos 1-2, by Berlitz
#11 - Destruction Earth: Destruccion en la Tierra, by Katherine Kenah
#12 - Wild Weather: Tiempo salvaje, by Katherine Kenah
#13 - Tiny Terrors: Terrores diminutos, by Katherine Kenah
#14 - Animals Day and Night/Animales de Dia y de Noche, by Katherine Kenah
#15 - Red As Blood, Or, Tales from the Sisters Grimmer, by Tanith Lee
#16 - Gift From the Sea
#17 - Little Owl, by Piers Harper
#18 - A Wedding in December, by Anita Shreve
#19 - Stuart at the Library, by Susan Hill
#20 - Mantra & the Modern Man, by Prabha Duneja (I know this author! She's my meditation teacher)
#21 - Undead and Unappreciated, by MaryJanice Davison
#22 - 8 Weeks to a Well-Behaved Child, by James Windell



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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 23rd, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
Owls, huh? I'm going to have a look around here. I might have a couple of books he'll like. And maybe some other stuff, too. I'm also completely nuts about owls. :D
Jan. 23rd, 2007 01:35 pm (UTC)
I am really wondering where you find the time to read all of them in that time?

And I thought I am quick reader... lol :-)
Jan. 23rd, 2007 05:41 pm (UTC)
Hee . . . well, half of those books are children's books which didn't take more than 20 minutes to read (plus, it counted as school for Connor). Several of the adult books were ones that I'd started reading last year, so only had a chapter or two to finish up in order to add them to the list. But, even so, I have been making an effort to read more often. My secret is that in the evening, I go upstairs and have a HOT bath. While I'm in there, no one bothers me AND I'm not able to wander around distracting myself with playing on the computer, or getting interested in a television show. That's usually at least an hour of reading for me right there. :D I also like listening to audio books while I'm driving, or waiting around for Connor while he's in appointments - the Janet Evanovich was one I listened to, instead of actually "reading."
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