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Check me out! I am now the 3rd most prolific reviewer over at LibraryThing, where I've been working for the past few weeks to catalog all the books I've ever read. I'm sure I'll still remember more (from way back when), but as of this moment, I've catalogued 1, 519 books that I've read, and I've written a review - even if it's just one brief line - for every one of them. Which puts me in the number three slot for reviewers! And I have proof:

Getting to number two is going to be tricky, unless I can mine my brain for another 300 books. I'm sure I've read that many more in my life; I'm not so sure I'll be able to remember them, though. Plus, I suppose it's possible that someone else will go on a rampage, as I did, and bypass me. But I'm happy with being Number 3 for the time being. YAY! Heh, yeah, it's not really an earth-shattering achievement, but I'm happy about it, nonetheless.

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