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"Tibetan" Personality Test

I'm really not sure what makes this Tibetan (and I doubt the Dalai Lama has anything to do with it), but it was kinda fun. If you want to take the test, click here to do that BEFORE you read my results, or you'll be spoiled.

Apparently, my top priority in life is Pride, and my lowest? Love. All five, ranked, were: Pride, Family, Money, Career, and Love.

My first inclination to that was, WTF?, but maybe it's not entirely wrong. I wouldn't have put pride first, but the others? Yeah, I suppose they're about right for this particular point in my life.

My personality: faithful; my partner's: aloof (which is probably spot-on, considering I don't have one at this time, a situation which also explains the low priority-ness of Love); my enemies: quick; my view of sex: bitter (hah!); and my own life: salty (again, hah! Although, since I prefer savoury food to sweet, perhaps this isn't actually a negative way of looking at things).

Robin is the one I'll never forget; my mother is my true friend (eh?); Connor is the one I really love; Elvia is my twin soul; and Kevin is the one I'll always remember.

So, I'm supposed to to send this to eight people, and my wish will come true on Sunday. And, since my wish wasn't for me, I figure I might as well put this out there. Surely, at least eight of you will see this. :D There is one of those chain-lettery "threats" at the end (the wish won't come true if you don't pass this along), so if you really hate that sort of thing, give this a pass. But it was actually kind fun.
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