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Book #2 - "Reversible Errors" by Scott Turow

My second book of the year:

I've read most of Turow's books - legal dramas - and have enjoyed most of them. I enjoyed this book better than most. The book is about a man on death row who says he is innocent, and his court-appointed lawyer finds a witness who claims to corroborate this innocence. I don't really want to say anything more than that, or risk seriously giving away the plot.

It was a good read - I found myself really wanting to keep reading and find out what was happening. I didn't solve the mystery myself (in other words, guess the ending ::grin::), but that was okay. There were several great plot twists - and not just at the end. So, it was an enjoyable read; however, I did leave the book with a bit of a sense of disappointment - not at the ending, exactly, but because a few of the characters did things that really disappointed me at the end. Since the book is about the death penalty (to which I personally am opposed), I found it interesting to see how the characters dealt with this aspect of the story. And one character in particular, really disappointed me - he seemed unwilling to even consider that the death-row inmate might be innocent (even when confronted with evidence that he was); I kept waiting for him to realise - "hey, we're going to kill this guy if I'm wrong, so let's do the right thing here." Well, there were several characters who really never seemed to grasp that concept - that a man's *life* was at stake, in contrast to the careers that they might have lost should the case go against them. Very interesting, and in the end, I'm really not sure just where Turow himself stands on this, as he didn't make it as much of an issue as I would have liked him to do.

Anyhow, I liked it. A good read. (Purchased used; have BookCrossed)

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