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Library and Pirates and Blurb.com

I am now in possession of a library card for the Conshohocken Free Library. Whoo-HOO! It's a very small, but cute, library, and the librarian was wonderfully friendly. I'm afraid they'll hardly ever have specific books that I want, but they're part of a big interlibrary loan system, so all is well. Connor got a bunch of books on mushrooms, and I got a couple of things for myself. I'm also planning to read "The Golden Compass" with Connor, as I haven't yet read those books, and would like to do so before the movie comes out later this year.

Speaking of movies, I loved the new "Pirates" film. Highly enjoyable - I howled with laughter bunches of times, especially when:


Bwahahahahahhahahahahaha! That is the funniest thing EVER! Apparently, it was common knowledge that he was in this film (Kevin knew, anyway, he told me after we'd seen it), but the news hadn't managed to get down to the rock under which I've been living, because I had no idea. But when I saw him, I recognized him immediately. OMG THAT WAS TOO FUNNY!!!

There was loads of other great stuff, too, and I didn't even mind that the film was almost three hours long. I do wish they'd done more with Calypso, though, after she was freed. I can't believe they completely ignored the amazing special effects potential in a big Calypso/Jones closure scene. And if I think about the "ten years" thing too much, I'll be too sad. A good ending, but definitely bittersweet, and something that I really didn't expect. I will also say that I'm pretty impressed with the three-film story arc, considering that I'm guessing the first movie was released as a one-off, and only after it was so popular did they decide to make two more. (I could be wrong about this, though - does anyone out there know for certain)? So, I thought it was great.

Connor, did, too. Although there were a couple of parts where he got squicked and had to cover his eyes. LOL - no, not the fight scenes. Connor hates romance, so he had to hide his eyes whenever Elizabeth and Will were kissing! (Seriously)! :D :D :D

Um. I'm pretty sure there was something else I wanted to mention in this update, but right now I can't remember what. Ah well. If I remember later it's easy enough to post another update! :)

OH! I just remembered. I have a new True Love. It's a website called Blurb.com. They print custom books, and before moving, I'd put together one with the photos (and explanatory text) from our trip to Australia. It was waiting for me when we arrived, and it looks BEAUTIFUL! I don't think I'm ever going to do regular "scrapbooking" again - pasting photos into actual books. This is way cooler, and easier, and quicker, and not any more expensive, considering the cost of photo albums and having to have photos printed (since all my cameras are digital). It's a gorgeous hardcover book, and the photos look fantastic. I'm really really really happy with the way it turned out, and their book creation software is easy to use. Apparently, the software will also grab blog entries so those can be printed into a book, too, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, check them out. I want them to stay in business so I can keep having books made. :D
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