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Almost a drive-by: Guitar lessons

Connor had his first guitar lesson today, and it seemed to go very well (although he complained that it made him "thirsty." Strenuous work, that guitar playing, eh?). I did not have a lesson today - I'm going to wait to start my lessons until C is back in school. That way I'll be able to focus on the lesson without half of my brain wondering what Connor is doing. I did sit down and play a bunch today, and now the tips of the fingers on my left hand are sore - I can feel it when I'm typing. I had built up some calluses, but the month of Xbox (and accompanying guitar neglect) made them go away again. WOE! I want to play better! And I will. I ordered some guitar books today: the one Dave asked me to get for Connor (Mel Bay method), plus a couple of Led Zeppelin tablature books for myself. (Why doesn't Xjournal recognize "tablature" as a real word)? So, we'll see how this goes. Connor is supposed to practice - hopefully he'll be more motivated to practice guitar than he was violin (he usually remembered to practice about two or three times a week; every day would be better). :)
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