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Films #3 and #4 - "From Hell" and "Whale Rider"

More films watched in 2004; x-posted to 50filmchallenge"

#3 - "From Hell"

This one was recced by gail_b. Verdict: Squicky, but good. I have a pretty low tolerance for graphic violence in films (I get easily squicked). And actually, the violence in this film wasn't really that bad. Yes, there are some gory scenes, but they aren't actually all that bad . . . the way it is filmed, there are a lot of images that flash by quickly, and give the impression that you're seeing more than you really are. (I enjoyed this style, actually - I found it very effective). Still, I spent much of the movie feeling uncomfortable that stuff that really would squick me lied ahead - I actually left the room at one point, certain something truly awful was coming (I do that sometimes, and ask Kevin to call me back in when it's "safe" - apparently, it wasn't all that bad. I'm talking about the lobotomy part here, btw). So, this made it difficult for me to relax.

And of course, there's Johnny. Depp. Yum. He is so very wonderful - I enjoyed his accent in this film, and he was sexy as usual. But I was TOTALLY bummed out at the end. (Gail, how COULD you? Knowing that it ended like this? ::grin::). Shall say no more - I don't want to spoil every single moment of the film. But, he was lovely, and it was worth watching just to see the much beloved Mr. Depp. :-)

I did, however, have one major problem with the film . . .


Okay, so this movie was made before LotR, but somehow I think that I will forever associate Ian Holm with our friendly neighborhood Hobbit. So, it was very strange to see him in another role. Especially when they made his eyes all evil at the end. Okay, so this wasn't really a problem with the film. ::grin:: But it did throw me off a bit.

The other thing this film has done is gotten me intrigued again by the real history behind the Jack the Ripper case, and reminded me that I haven't yet read Patricia Cornwell's book in which she looks at the forensic evidence in the case and comes to her own conclusion. I think I'll read that and satisfy my curiosity, since this film has opened the door for me.

#4 - "Whale Rider"

This was a fantastic film, recced by marinarusalka. Very interesting and touching - I won't go into major spoilers here, as this is a newer film, so many may not have seen it yet. Basically, though, it's about a young Maori girl who struggles against the traditions of her people (and struggles with her grandfather in particular) because she was born female and not male (it is obvious this is an issue from the very start of the film, so I don't think this is giving too much away).

It was beautifully filmed, and the cast was wonderful. Even though it's rated PG-13, we watched it with C, and he enjoyed it a lot (has asked to watch it again, actually). I think he liked the whales. Really, I'm not sure why it got a PG-13. I don't remember any swear words I wouldn't use in front of C, there was no sexual content, no violence, and just one quick scene where it's obvious that two of the characters were smoking pot. Oh well. Who am I to question the film rating system, right?

Anyway, it was a very wholesome and touching film - really interesting and beautiful.Not sure what else to say without giving away things in the plot. I'd recommend.
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