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Guestbook - Updated August 22, 2011

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I've been keeping a journal here since July, 2003, which is far longer than I ever managed to keep a paper journal. In addition to my personal entries, I may do some genealogy blogging from time to time, to keep track of my family history research. Genealogy entries are public; personal entries are locked to "friends only," but new friends are always welcome. If you don't have a LiveJournal account but would like to read my locked entries (and you have a verifiable presence elsewhere on the web), just reply to this entry using the OpenID option; this will allow me to give you permission to read my locked entries without a LiveJournal account.

Clicking "Here Be Dragons" in the menu above will take you to my recent entries. I haven't been all that active on LJ for the past couple of years (since I went back to school to finish my bachelor's degree in Biology), but I do pop in now and again.

If you're here from somewhere other than LJ and want to ask me a question, please remember to leave some way for me to contact you (an e-mail address or username at an alternate site we both use). Thanks! :)

Please feel free to sign my Guest Map, as well:


Sep. 3rd, 2007 11:39 pm (UTC)
Hi, and I'm glad you found your way here! I just skimmed some of the entries in your journal, and I suspect that you and I will discover we have a few things in common. :D

Okay . . . here's how to get the "I've just read." There are several steps to it, which might seem alarming, but it's not anything too complicated.

First, you need to have an account at LibraryThing. Perhaps another site where you keep track of books you've read would work, as long as the site produces an RSS feed of your reviews. However, if you're a bookworm and don't have a LibraryThing account, you should, because it's a TOTALLY COOL site, and free to join. www.librarything.com (I'm herebedragons over there, btw
http://www.librarything.com/profile/herebedragons ).

Once you have an LT account, write up a couple of reviews for the books you've recently read, and then (from your profile page), go to the RSS feed page (it's the orange XML button next to "your user name"s reviews in the bottom right of the profile page). This is the URL that you will use for the next step . . .

Go to www.feedburner.com, and create an account there. (Also free). Then, "burn" the URL from the RSS feed from LibraryThing. (The website has instructions, and I found it relatively easy to do the first time. If it won't burn for you, try removing the "http://" from the beginning of the URL). With this "burned feed," you can create the "animated headline" which you'll insert into your LiveJournal. Basically, just go to the "publicize" section of the Feedburner site, and follow their instructions to create an "animated headline." You can customize it to a certain degree (I used my own background graphic, for example), but if you don't want to bother with that, they have standard ones that you can use. Once it's created, grab the code (using the last option - "just gimme the code" IIRC).

As soon as you have that code, go into the "Customize" area in LiveJournal. You're using Expressive, right? In which case, I *think* you can just go to the area where you can make changes to your sidebar, and in the "blurb" or open text area (whatever it's called), paste that code from Feedburner into your sidebar, and VOILA! You should have an animated thingy which will update itself regularly whenever you add new reviews into LibraryThing. You might need to change the width of your sidebar, depending on the size you made your animated headline, but that's easy enough to do. If you get stuck anywhere in this process, let me know and I'll try and talk you through.

Also . . . YAY! You're the first person to comment in my Guestbook. In any case, thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to getting to know you better in the future. :)
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