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Start Creating Art!

I have been creating lately, but I decided to make this a formal goal – because I’ve also been collecting a LOT of art supplies, and I want to make sure I use all of them. I now have: watercolor pencils; a collection of Prismacolor markers; watercolor paints; acrylic paints; drawing pencils; tissue paper and Modpodge for collage; I even have origami paper.

I’m going to consider this goal complete when I have created 43 pieces of artwork, with at least one of them utilizing each of the different media I have listed above. This might take a while, but it should be fun. :) (Plus, I’m working on an alphabet, so there are 26 of my 43 right there, assuming I finish all the letters). If I break down and buy myself a set of Rapidograph pens or pastels, I’ll add that to the media list as well.

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