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Illustration and Photo Friday

Here are my submissions for both Illustration Friday and Photo Friday.

The one for Photo Friday was a no-brainer. The topic this week was "purple," and I just happened to have taken this photo two days ago. The only reason I photographed these flowers . . . because they were purple, of course!

Purple Flowers

I had more trouble with my submission for Illustration Friday. The topic is "Momentum," and an idea occurred to me immediately: a marble, and the path it made rolling downhill through sand. The idea being that the sand is stopping the marble's momentum. Of course, I have trouble drawing things out of my "head," so I thought I'd try and create a model. Lacking sand and marbles, I set up a photo using a pearl (which belonged to my grandmother) and a pile of sea salt.

So far so good, except that the drawings that resulted SUCKED. I just couldn't get the shading right. So, I had a brain storm: I ran my photo through Photoshop's "Chalk and Charcoal" filter, and drew from that. I'm not in love with the drawing, but it's MUCH better than my earlier attempts. And it does get across the general idea I wanted to convey:

Pearl in Sand

(You can see the original photo and the filtered one at Flickr, if you're interested. They're in the same set as the drawing).

So, I'm feeling accomplished. I was feeling really bummed earlier when the drawing wasn't turning out the way I wanted. (Plus, I'm bummed anyway; it's been a crappy sort of day), but I'm glad I didn't give up (which was definitely my inclination earlier in the day). It was good practice for me. And YAY for not being a quitter.
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