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FlyLady Day 2 - STYMIED by SHOES! ;)

Well, it’s day two, and already I have FAILED! ;) Okay, not really . . . but day two is “Get Dressed to Lace-up Shoes,” and a quick look in my closet confirmed what I suspected when I read this. I don’t HAVE any lace-up shoes! (I think I do own a pair or two, but they’re in California). Bwahahahahaha! I live in flip-flops most of the summer, and the rest of my shoes are slip-ons, except for one pair with buckles (and I’m not wearing those today; they’re purple velvet heels, and not appropriate for today’s activities). In any case, I really don’t like wearing shoes around the house, so I’ll probably ignore the “shoes” part of this in the future. But for today, I did put on my “realest” shoes (they have velcro straps, which is not at all as geeky as it sounds).

The good news is that my sink is still beautiful AND Connor even put his own dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast, instead of just dumping them somewhere random in the kitchen. Plus, laundry is being done. So, YAY! So far, so good.


Sep. 9th, 2007 03:22 pm (UTC)
Well, it sounds like it working for you even if the sink isn't shiny! :) The sink was what killed my efforts the first time I tried the system. She was ALL ABOUT the sink, but at that time, keeping the kitchen clean was Kevin's responsibility, not mine. And I sure wasn't going to agree to take on extra chores! *facepalm* I've gotten over that now.

Heh. Yeah, the mud would be a nightmare. I don't have to worry about that here - we're in a third-floor apartment so we'll have walked off any junk on our shoes before we get here. I just don't like wearing shoes at home, mostly.
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