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(Now that I have my Twitter account set up to update here automatically, all my Twitters will be included in this journal, too. Here are all the ones I posted before setting up the automated thingy).

Wah. I don't want to go to bed yet - it's only midnight. But I have to be up in just SEVEN hours! (WOE). This is why I liked homeschooling. 12:11 AM September 07, 2007 from web

YAY! My son is asleep, and at a decent hour, too. A good night's sleep should help him have a good first day back at school tomorrow. 10:21 PM September 05, 2007 from web

Ha hahaha. Balloon number four bit the dust. At least this one popped over the kitchen sink. But C had to change his shirt (3rd one today). 07:47 PM September 03, 2007 from web
Balloon number three just broke. I think we've probably flooded the downstairs neighbors by now. :D 07:19 PM September 03, 2007 from web

OMG! He's now got 6 HUGE balloons filled with water 2 have already popped). We're talking melon-sized balloons. Think small watermelons. O_o 03:07 PM September 03, 2007 from web

Watching my son make ginormous water balloons. Then, he carries them around like pets. (Inspired by the original "Blob"). O_o 02:38 PM September 03, 2007 from web

Getting ready to go to bed, after working on ideas for my Garden Alphabet. It's after 3 now, though, so I need to GO TO BED! 03:09 AM September 02, 2007 from web

Am currently drafting my fantasy football team. Have no idea what I'm doing (I haven't really followed football in years), but having fun! 07:59 PM August 30, 2007 from web

Just returned from Morris Aboretum, where C and I had a nice time wandering around and making sketches of whatever caught our fancy. 04:11 PM August 30, 2007 from Netvibes

Trying to decide just what to do next. The obvious choice: do some housecleaning. But when have I ever been obvious? :D 10:32 AM August 30, 2007 from web

I've got the code! My LJ layout is finally EXACTLY the way I want it. *happy dances* 04:02 PM August 28, 2007 from web

I am just one teeny, tiny bit of cod away from having my layout exactly the way I want it! (And I think I'll have that bit of code soon). :) 11:05 AM August 28, 2007 from Netvibes

Yesterday, I didn't play "Oblivion" at all, for the first time since we got the Xbox. Weird. I think I'll play a bit right now. :) 02:41 PM August 25, 2007 from web

I've been searching for the last bit of code I need to complete my LJ layout. However, it has eluded me, so I'm going to bed. 11:24 PM August 24, 2007 from web

I am playing three games of Scrabble at Facebook - and losing ALL THREE of them! (I'm so lame at Scrabble). :D :D :D 09:33 AM August 23, 2007 from web

My website has FINALLY been updated with photos of Australian birds I took more than TWO years ago. YAY me! 11:55 PM August 21, 2007 from Netvibes

I think I'm finally done playing around with my layout. For today, anyway. I might create a banner/map at some point, but not tonight. :D 09:16 PM August 21, 2007 from web

Hey! I have an image map on my LJ user info page now! Just my first attempt, and for some reason the ALT text doesn't show up. Still, cool. 11:29 AM August 21, 2007 from Netvibes

Not used to getting up "early" - must get in the habit of going to bed earlier, before school starts and we have to do this every day! O_o 10:14 AM August 21, 2007 from web

My first C-free morning in months, and I'm just not sure WHAT to do with myself. Maybe I'll go play guitar for a while? 10:48 AM August 20, 2007 from web

BTW, the headache did get worse, but I went to bed and then it got better. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd call this one only a 7. 03:24 PM August 19, 2007 from Netvibes

Trying to figure out how to get all my internet stuff into one place. Why doesn't LJ let us customize our userinfo pages???!!!!?!?!?!? 03:23 PM August 19, 2007 from Netvibes

Hoping this headache doesn't get worse. So far, I can't complain - compared to this time last month, I'm feeling great. *crosses fingers* 09:10 PM August 18, 2007 from web

"West Side Story" never stops being a suckfest, does it? It's such a great movie, but OMG SO SAD!!!!!!! :( :( :( 11:11 PM August 17, 2007 from Netvibes

How do you do @HereBeDragons? Or, rather, how would I do @Flyingblogspot? I tried FlyLady, but got scared and quit. :D 09:55 PM August 17, 2007 from web

Setting up an account with CHOREWARS! Maybe getting XP and treasure will inspire my son (and me, too) to do more housework! :D 10:23 PM August 16, 2007 from web

Oh, how I love hormones! /sarcasm 12:39 AM August 16, 2007 from web
Grrr. Can't finish the Sanguine quest with Selene, so I'll need a SECOND evil character to do the daedric artifact thing. Ah well. 12:38 AM August 16, 2007 from web

We should have gone out and enjoyed the cool(er) weather today, but I can't seem to get up the energy to plan an outing. :( 03:10 PM August 14, 2007 from web

FBS and I are on the same wavelength; I was thinking that Twitter is a much better place than LJ for drive-by one-line entries. 03:09 PM August 14, 2007 from web

Oh, btw, the chocolate ice cream was very good. 10:19 PM August 13, 2007 from web

My son is not happy with me for playing an evil character in "Oblivion." Today he said: "Good RULES, evil DROOLS!" He's probably right. 10:19 PM August 13, 2007 from web

Have failed re: LJ entry. Now contemplating bowl of chocolate ice cream. I suspect I will be successful in finding energy for this. 09:55 PM August 13, 2007 from web

Listening to C play Xbox while I try to work up the energy to make a proper LJ post. 09:18 PM August 13, 2007
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