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  • 20:54 I was so tired this morning (even after going to bed early last night) that I slept for three hours after taking C to school. Hormones. GRRR #
  • 21:49 Trying to send from my phone- #
  • 21:50 Ah ha! The phone thing worked. Not sure when I'll want to do that again, but at least now I know that it works. :) #
  • 23:57 Oh where, oh where can my LJ favicon be? Oh where, oh where can it be? It was working five minutes ago. Now, nothing. Will handle tomorrow. #
  • 23:57 @flyingblogspot - Dressed to the shoes . . . YAY! (I've been doing that, too, although sometimes mine are flipflops). :D #
  • 23:58 @flyingblogspot - also, I hope that you're not too horribly sick! And if you are, here's my wish that you'll FEEL BETTER SOON! *hugs* #
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