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Fantasy Football, Week 2

Here's my lineup for this week. I made a few changes, mostly just to play around with the website after I FINALLY figured out that the reason I couldn't make changes was that I wasn't logged in to the site anymore. *facepalm*

Brett Favre, GB QB @NYG

LaDainian Tomlinson, SD RB @NE
Maurice Jones-Drew, Jac RB Atl

Bernard Berrian, Chi WR @KC

Plaxico Burress, NYG WR @GB
Derrick Mason, Bal WR @NYJ

Vernon Davis, SF TE @StL

Jaguars D/ST, Jac D/ST @Atl

Robbie Gould, Chi K @KC

Oh, and btw, in case it wasn't obvious by the lack of "W00t! I WON MY FIRST GAME" at the beginning of this post, I lost last week. Badly. Although therein lies the silver lining. I got WHUPPED 67-130, so even if I'd played all my highest-scoring guys there's no way I could have beaten him. So, from that standpoint, I'm not feeling too bad about it. It's not like I boned out with who I played (although I suppose the argument could be made that I boned out during the original draft . . . but let's not go there). :D

In any case, I'm going to kick BUTT this week. I hope. ;)
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