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GEDCOM is made of WIN!

I’ve completed my next action for this goal, which was to investigate software for the Mac. I found a program that looks good:


It also looks like it’s about to get even better, and when the new version comes out, I won’t have to pay to upgrade; it’ll be FREE! :)

So, of course my next next action would be to get some data into the program, and thanks to GEDCOM, and the hard work of some distant relation who put this stuff on the internet, I was able to import more than 8,000 records of family members, going all the way back to my ancestors from Scotland who came here in the 1600s. W00t!!!!! (I literally squealed out loud when I realized that the import was going to work, and I wouldn’t have to input all that data by hand myself)! :D Actually, the work for me now will be to remove some of those names; I think I need to do some pruning to my family tree, as some of those people are very distantly related, and probably not really necessary in my database.

So, I think my new next action is to play around with the new program, and decide how/who to cull. That sounds like the next logical thing to do.

Tags: 43 things, genealogy

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