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New Refashionista on Board

I posted this yesterday to the Wardrobe Refashion community, and it occurs to me that I ought to post it here, too. Today is the first official day of my 2-month challenge, although I haven't bought myself any clothing since I first learned about the challenge almost a month ago. In any case, here's my introductory post to that community:

Hello, everyone!

When I saw this challenge about a month ago, I knew I wanted to join. In the past, I have flirted with shopaholic tendencies (okay, so I did more than flirt, really; I used to spend loads of money I couldn't afford on clothing that I just didn't need). I've managed to kick this habit over the past few years, but I can still get sucked in to making foolish purchases when I'm not paying attention. Not anymore, now that I'm a refashionista. :) I haven't bought anything since I first found out about this challenge almost a month ago, so I feel like I'm off to a good start.

I do sew, and have made quite a few items of clothing for myself in the past, but right now, I'm not in a position to do loads of this. (I'm living in Pennsylvania at the moment, but my good sewing machine is in California). I did pick up a little Euro-pro Shark, though, so I'll be able to do a bit of remodeling. I think my first project is a tapestry handbag; I bought a kit for it ages ago but haven't taken the time to put it together. I think my little machine will handle it. I also crochet, so there will probably be some new yarn projects in my future.

I've already had to take a stand on something in regards to this challenge. Yesterday, I got an invitation for the first "Ladies' Night Out" at my son's school. This is supposed to be a chance for the moms to get together and socialize outside of PTA meetings, etc. Well, the event is being held at a local clothing boutique (one I've not been to before, but it sounds VERY expensive) and the idea is that 10% of all purchases get donated to the school. HUH? I don't want to be conned into spending WAY too much money on clothes on what is supposed to be a fun social night. So, I'm not going to the event, and I also intend to bring up the subject at the next PTA meeting. After I brainstorm a bit to suggest some alternate activities for future "Ladies' Nights Out."

Anyhow, I'm glad to be here, and look forward to seeing everyone's projects, and posting about my own.
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