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More Memeage

I should be writing up my weekend in Vegas, but no . . . I discovered friendsfriends, and so have instead whiled away part of my afternoon reading random LJ entries of people I don't know. Good Fun! ::grin::

So, here's a bit of random memeage:


What's your sexual appeal?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hee hee . . . this is not the result I'd have expected, but it probably does fit. The tomboy part, anyway . . . I'm not convinced that I can attract whomever I want . . . but I'll be happy to give it a try next time JD is in town. ::wicked grin::

I enjoyed this one, as well (I, Claudius rocked, although it's been years since I've seen in - probably should rent it and watch it again) . . . although GAH! Doesn't make me sound all that nice, eh? I really don't *hate* my husband, although the separate rooms thing is spot-on. And I don't have any lovers (let alone five or six). Damn. (Although would make an exception for JD, see above) ;-).

And isn't Sheila White the one who played the total ho-bag Karen (married to the sweet miner, screwing around with Dr. Ennys) in "Poldark?" (Ooh - points to anyone else out there who remembers that show, and much squeeing to anyone who loved it as much as I did).


You hate your spouse. I mean, really, really
hate your spouse. Your arranged marriage was a drunken joke concocted by Caligula, but you don't mind
being married to Claudius the Idiot. Why? He's so stupid that he lets you do whatever you want. Sleep
in seperate rooms? All the more reason for you to take in an extra lover or two, or five, or ten...
You even married someone else while still married to Claudius, but who cares? Claudius is clueless, right?

You were portrayed
by Sheila White.

Which I, Claudius Character are You? created by
Shiny Objects

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