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OMG! NaNoWriMo starts TONIGHT at midnight! Somehow it didn't occur to me until JUST NOW that this is the last day of October. :D

I AM SO NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!!!!! I don't even have the tiniest HINT of a plot!

Which, of course, is the best way to get started. ;)



Oct. 31st, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
I have 2 plots and characters with no names, wee!

I thought I had something solid and then someone pointed out that it sounded like a Sidney Sheldon (sp?) book. I looked it up on Amazon...Sidney stole my nano!
Nov. 4th, 2007 02:17 pm (UTC)
Sends Mama Rexy after meany-poopoo-head Sidney Sheldon.

Then again, if your plot resembled something written by him, maybe it's better off if you go in a different direction. :D (He's not a favorite, although to be fair, that's mostly based on the gawdawful mini-series' they've made, more than on the books themselves).

Still. *shakes fist in Sheldon's general direction*
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