Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

Today's Twitter Posts

  • 12:47 9997. SO CLOSE to 10,000, but we're going into the city now. S'okay. I'll have time to write more tonight. Twenty percent, here I come! :) #
  • 12:48 @flyingblogspot. Ask yourself: Do I use this? Do I love this? If not - LIBERATE! :) *waves pompoms* #
  • 18:36 WhyTF is Photoshop Elements not working? It wants me to reinstall. Inexplicably. *sigh* All I want to do is animate one little icon. Wah! #
  • 23:51 Day Three: 12,907. Things are moving along nicely. #
  • 23:51 @cathepsut I just keep writing, no matter what. Even if I know it sucks. I figure I'll have plenty of time to fix it later. :) #
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