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Films 8, 9 and 10 for 2004

A few more films for this year's challenge (X-posted to 50filmchallenge and my personal journal)

Film #8 - "George of the Jungle 2"

Erm . . . I'll start with a question . . . WHY? Why on earth was this movie made? They couldn't (apparently) get either of the leads from the original (Brendan Fraser being the big name), nor did they manage to have any jokes that really were funny. Come to think of it, the original was only marginally funny itself, so why bother with a sequel? Gah. Oh well. It did have a singing gorilla and a number of other animal hijynx (is that spelled correctly?), so my son was amused. Which is actually a bad thing, as he's now asked to watch it AGAIN. And we've got it for five days, so who knows how many times I will have to suffer through it this week. Oh well. I'll just read instead, which will be useful for my 50bookchallenge efforts.

#9 - "Chocolat"

This was a good film, although I didn't *love* it. It's basically about a woman who uses chocolate as magic/medicine, and what happens when she and her daughter open a shop in a small village in France. I liked the main character quite a bit, played by the lovely Juliette Binoche - she was generous and kind, yet not above petulance, anger, and depression. She struck a very realistic chord with me. Johnny Depp is also in this film, although he didn't have a whole lot of screen time. I would recommend this movie - it is charming and pretty and enjoyable.

#10 - "Abandon"

Starring Katie Holmes and Benjamin Bratt. This was a decent film, although I'm not sure I'd strongly recommend it. It's a thriller, about a college student who's boyfriend had disappeared a few years earlier, and now she fears that he's returned. I did figure out the plot all my myself (which rarely happens), which turned out to be a mixed blessing . . . . actually, I found this movie interesting to watch, and it had me on the edge of my seat (even after I was pretty sure I'd figured it out); however, part way through I realised that if I was right about the plot, I would be unhappy with the ending. And that's exactly what happened.
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