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Hey, everyone! I decided a while ago that I needed to sell off all the Creative Memories (scrapbooking) inventory that I've been carrying around with me since I was a consultant (seven years ago; urgh). I've just put up a post at Craigslist advertising it for sale, but I thought I'd post here, too, in case there are any scrapbookers on my flist! Most everything is half retail price, although I have some discontinued items I'd like to sell at around original retail price. Still, if you would like to buy any of this stuff, let me know! I'll give my f-listers first dibs, and I'm happy to ship things out for just the cost of postage alone. (Something I'm not offering to random Craigslisters). :D

So, if you're interested in buying any scrapbooking supplies CHEAP, just let me know, okay?

Here's the Craiglist link:





Jan. 12th, 2008 07:11 pm (UTC)
LOL! Well, I could sell strange memories. How about a trip to Singapore? Or maybe being sent to a far-off galaxy in a timewarping space ship thingy? I suppose I'd sell you some memories of my years at Hogwarts, if you're interested. :D :D :D

Actually . . . if you want to do an album for Mookeleh, let me know. I'll GIVE you a bunch of stuff to get started. :)
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