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Hey, everyone! I decided a while ago that I needed to sell off all the Creative Memories (scrapbooking) inventory that I've been carrying around with me since I was a consultant (seven years ago; urgh). I've just put up a post at Craigslist advertising it for sale, but I thought I'd post here, too, in case there are any scrapbookers on my flist! Most everything is half retail price, although I have some discontinued items I'd like to sell at around original retail price. Still, if you would like to buy any of this stuff, let me know! I'll give my f-listers first dibs, and I'm happy to ship things out for just the cost of postage alone. (Something I'm not offering to random Craigslisters). :D

So, if you're interested in buying any scrapbooking supplies CHEAP, just let me know, okay?

Here's the Craiglist link:





Jan. 14th, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
Hi! Yes, the Sterling is a silvery-grey; I'm not sure I have one left, though. (Someone else asked me to set it aside for her yesterday afternoon; if she decides she doesn't want it, I'll hold it for you, though, in case you do). I've also got black, plum, sapphire, evergreen and dark blue. I've got tons of good jewel tone papers, too - those tend to be my favorite colours, too (better than pastels), so I have a lot in those shades. :)

And yes, the Creative Memories stickers DEFINITELY seem to go along with your particular "style" (I loved looked at your pages)! I can pull out a good selection for you. I also have some Mrs. Grossman's bats that I'll send for your cave layout. :)

Yes! You can e-mail me LJ address, and let me know what you'd like me to put aside for you. I'll make you a very good deal, that's for sure! :)
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