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First Lines Music Meme Answers

Here are the answers to my music game from the other day. Mad props (and a gigantic pretend cookie!) to not_wayfarer, who guessed an impressive NINE of the songs. *applauds*

Here are all the results, along with who guessed them correctly:

1. "Momma, Look Sharp" from "1776" (gwendolyngrace)

2. "Tender When I Want to Be," by Mary Chapin Carpenter

3. "The Inner Light," by the Beatles (not_wayfarer)

4. "Want You More," by Duran Duran

5. "Chivalry, Honor and Love," by Annwn

6. "Carry That Weight," by the Beatles. (edda, countedx58, angelamermaid, mickat24, ianmcorvidae)

7. "Heaven From Here," by Robbie Williams

8. "Prayer of Saint Francis," by Sarah McLachlan (countedx58, not_wayfarer, soraidh)

9. "The Only Time," by Nine Inch Nails

10. "We Live For Love," by Pat Benatar

11. "No One Like You," by the Scorpions (not_wayfarer)

12. "Forgiven," by Alanis Morissette (not_wayfarer, rebecca_star)

13. "Another World," by Poe (not_wayfarer)

14. "Desperado" by Linda Ronstadt (edda, countedx58, not_wayfarer, angelamermaid, gwendolyngrace, soraidh)

15. "Think of Me," from "Phantom of the Opera." (not_wayfarer, gwendolyngrace, mickat24)

16. "(She's) Sexy and 17," by the Stray Cats

17. "Prophets of War," by Dream Theater (not_wayfarer, syrinxkat - although she didn't actually name the title :D)

18. "One of Us," from "Mama Mia" (not_wayfarer)

19. "I Need a Man," by the Eurythmics

20. "The Wanton Song," by Led Zeppelin

Thanks (and a cookie) to everyone who played! Another even cooler music thingy coming in my journal SOON! I'm going to host a shuffle-a-thon, as soon as I can get it together to write up the entry. :)
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