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Yeah. I still need to organize my photos. All 50,000 (or so) of them. (Oh, that’s just the digital ones. I’m in denial about 35mm negatives right now). When last I updated this goal, I was going to organize and tag them in JetPhoto. That plan has been scrapped. The program works okay, but it’s somewhat cumbersome and quirky in ways that annoyed me . . . so I’m back to using iPhoto. I upgraded to the new version, which is better.

Now, my plan is to get ALL my photos (minus the lame, blurry, and redundant ones, that is) into chronological folders on my external harddrive. Oh, and to have all of them tagged. In theory, when I’m finished, I should be able to find ANY photos that I need almost immediately. Only trouble is it’s going to take me a long time to get them all into the system. BUT, they definitely won’t get organized unless I start somewhere, so that’s what I’ve done. And if I just keep at it, sooner or later they’ll all be organized.

I’m still playing around a bit with how I intend to organize them within iPhoto. I love the new “Events” option (OMG so much better than having to delete everything in the “Photos” screen). I think that overall, though, I want my system to be album- and folder-based. Right now, I’m starting to set it up with a folder for each year, with folders for each month inside, and then albums with discrete events (events in reality, rather than iPhoto Events) in the appropriate monthly folder. We’ll see if I like it. If I end up not liking it, I hope I figure that out soon, before I’ve categorized too terribly many photos this way. :D


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Feb. 7th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
My system
I have a hard drive that is JUST for photos. They are organized into three folders: ancestors, cemeteries, and misc. Most of the stuff is in misc. I'm very diligent about downloading photos as soon as I get home from an event, and I put all of those photos in a subfolder under misc., entitled something along the lines of "Brian's 17th birthday 030107." Works for me.
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