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No'Poo - Day 20!

I'm in the mood to write a real update (OMG!), but I don't think that's going to happen tonight, as I'd rather chat with mah honey. So, maybe tomorrow. But I do want to post a drive-by about my no-shampoo progress.

So far, I'm mostly happy with the results. It's been twenty days since I've washed my hair with shampoo, and it doesn't look dirty (proof below). My hair feels pretty soft (not as soft as before, but not bad), and it does have more body than it did when I was still using products. The only trouble I'm having is that after sleeping at night, I'm waking up with mad tangles and knots, probably because of the lack of conditioner. So, I'm going to investigate some of the conditioner tips that I received in my first entry. (Thanks for those, btw).

I do think I'm able to go longer between shampoos. Since I'm in a position right now where I don't really have to get up and go places every day, I've mostly been letting it go four days between washings with baking soda. And that's longer than I should go, I think . . . but for sure, it's staying cleaner longer than it used to. (I used to go two days; I think three is safe, now). It would be great to be able to go even longer. I hate washing my hair. It's just long enough to be a pain to comb out afterwards. :D

Anyhow . . . here I am, after 20 days of not using shampoo:

No 'poo - Day 20

And a close-up:

No 'poo close up

Heh. Yeah, webcam pics aren't the best, but hopefully they're good enough to show that I'm not looking scary. Or, scarier than usual, anyway. ;)
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