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It's happening NOW! Go outside and watch!

ETA: 7:20 - We had great viewing for several minutes, but now some clouds have blown in to cover it. I'm hoping they'll blow away again. Soon, please. :D

ETA2: 7.46 - Clouds blew away! YAY! Just a few more minutes. I think I might have some half-way decent photos.

ETA3: 8.02 - Totality is over! It's getting bright enough. I guess enough virgins were sacrificed to appease the gods. ;)

ETA4: 9.11 - It's over! The moon is back again. All of her. :)

Okay, so that was really cool. Pictures soon.



Feb. 21st, 2008 05:44 am (UTC)
Hopefully they cleared for you - we lucked into some awesome clear skies about half-way through. And you're not terribly far from me. O_o
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