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Thank Heavens for my Off-site Backup!

I'm in the middle of a huge organizational project right now - getting ALL my digital photos onto the new iMac into one chronological system, with everything tagged appropriately. It's going well so far - I've got ALL of my photos onto the new computer (something in the realm of 65,000 of them altogether; I had an entire 128-slot binder filled with CDs and DVDs), and now I've started the (slow OMG slow) process of going through all of them and deleting the bad and redundant ones. It's going fine so far, except for one problem - when I got to the discs for last year, a huge section of photos were missing - from the middle of the cross-country drive Connor and I took in May. My photos from Utah, Colorado, and everything else up to and including the Field Museum in Chicago.


That was not right. I'm sure I burned them before deleting them off of my computer (and my external harddrive - they weren't in either of those places). But I keep all my discs together, usually, and they just weren't with the others.

Was it possible that I hadn't actually burned them? Or that I did burn them, but the disc got lost, somehow? And those photos were gone FOREVER?

To say the least, I was stressed. Because, as impossible as that sounds, I had to admit that it was possible. I've done stupid things before, and . . . well . . . I couldn't find any discs. I knew not all of the photos were completely gone forever - I'd uploaded some of them to Flickr (but at a low resolution, as I do with all the photos I post there). So, that was still not really making me too happy.

I figured I had one last-ditch try to find them: the online backup I have at Mozy. I set that up when we were living in Pennsylvania, after having two bad experiences with not enough back-ups when a drive crashed. Lesson learned, like whoa. So, for the past two days, my computer has been restoring a couple of folders that I hoped and prayed would contain my photos . . .


I opened up the folder to see Bryce Canyon, then scrolled through and found Arches, and the moose that we saw in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the awesome lizards we spotted on the day Connor and I did our dinosaur dig near Fruita. And Pike's Peak. And Hannibal Missouri. And Sue, at the Field Museum. Oh hell yeah. *breathes sigh of relief SO HUGE that I'm almost near tears*

I won't ever NOT have an off-site back-up of my files again. In fact soon - very soon - I need to get the iMac set up with Mozy. Especially since I'm in the middle of a huge photo project again. Heh. Once all these photos are tagged and organized, I guarantee you I won't ever want to have to go through that process again. So yeah, back-ups galore will be had. :D

I'm going to try and post another update today. In some ways, things are in a holding pattern here so nothing much is actually happening . . . but at the same time there are loads of things happening. Or potentially happening. Rather, I'm deciding which things will be the ones to happen once this holding pattern thing lets up. Um, yeah. Update would be good. :)
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