Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

My Scanning Project(s)

Another thing I’m doing to reduce the clutter in my house is to scan things that I really don’t need to keep, but would like to have archived in a way that takes up less space. Things like Franklin Planner pages from years gone by, and Connor’s schoolwork, and various memorabilia I’ve collected over the years. All that paper weighs a lot and was taking up a lot of space, so, a few weeks ago I bought myself a ScanSnap high-speed scanner, and I’ve been scanning like crazy ever since.

To give an idea of just how much I’ve scanned, here’s a photo I took last week. (Since then I’ve filled at least another two or three bags full of paper, and I’m still going strong).

I’m also using a flatbed scanner to scan Connor’s artwork (I can’t keep all of it – he produces far too much to do that. So, I’m scanning all of it, and then keeping just a sample of his “best” work). Oh, and I’m scanning some scrapbook pages, too, so that both Kevin and I can have copies. Yeah, I’m doing a lot of scanning. But it’s going to be SO nice to have all this stuff out of the house, and onto one or two DVDs instead of boxes and boxes in the closet.


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