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Australian Pelicans

Today, I decided to re-do the pelican drawing I did in pencils over the weekend. This time, in pen and ink, and watercolor. I like this version a lot better (so much better, in fact, that I'm not going to post the colored pencil version). I drew it from a photo I took in Australia, btw (this one, if anyone is interested). It's drawn/painted on cold-press watercolor paper, and think I'd have been a bit happier if I'd used hot-press or bristol (both of which are much smoother). Still, it's not bad, considering I've done no artwork at all since leaving Pennsylvania. :)

Australian Pelicans:

Australian Pelicans
by ~Herebedragons66 on deviantART

ETA: I forgot to mention that doing this reminded me how much I adore pen and ink, so I splurged today and bought myself a set of Rapidograph pens (the artists set). I had a set years ago, but they disappeared somewhere, years ago. Originally, I'd planned to get just one (the 3x0, .25), but in looking around I discovered that I could buy the one pen for about $25, or a set of 7 pens (in different sizes) for under $50 (oh how I love eBay). So, I can hardly wait for my new pens to arrive!
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