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Day 10 - Rosemary

Day 10 - Rosemary, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

My photo for Day 10 - the rosemary bushes on my back patio. I took this photo because a few days earlier, I came across the photos of those bushes when I first planted them, back in 2003.

See how they've grown . . .

Rosemary - 2003



Apr. 18th, 2008 03:29 pm (UTC)
LOL! Oh, I hope we don't get thistles in the yard. They would totally win that match-up. Well, I dunno - I suppose rosemary might be able to win. But urgh. The thistles around here are NASTY. They're pretty, but pokey. :D Of course, C really likes them, and wants to try and grow them in the yard. *head explodes*
Apr. 19th, 2008 04:56 pm (UTC)
He likes them?? I'm a little worried about your little boy now... :)
Apr. 22nd, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
LOL! You should be. I've been worried for quite some time now.

He also tends to sympathize with the villains in movies. And he cries when the velociraptors get killed in the Jurassic Park movies.


Ah well. He's cute. That's all that really matters, right? *giggles*
Apr. 23rd, 2008 05:47 am (UTC)
Just watch, he's going to grow up and do something completely contradictory to his current sweetness - like become a Navy SEAL or something.

If he ever feels the need to commune with the thistles, send him on over to our place. ;)
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