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Everybody Loves Megalodon?

Hee . . . I just noticed something sort of odd. I was poking around my Flickr account, and clicked the "Popular" tag, which shows how many times some of my photos had been viewed. Nothing too strange here . . . most of my photos have been viewed about a dozen times; some less than that, a few significantly more (like, maybe 40 views).

Except this one photo:

Connor's favorite shark, Megalodon

This photo, of Connor with a Megalodon at some museum we visited on our cross-country trip, has been viewed 1321 times. What the heck? Why on earth has this one photo gotten so many hits? Does everyone just really love Megalodon? :P

ETA: Mystery solved! (Thanks, syrinxkat). Apparently, that photo (and others) shows up in Yahoo's image search function. I had no idea my photos would show up in search engine searches, but I think it's way cool that they do. :D



Apr. 18th, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
Megalodon sort of looks like he's wearing dentures. I would certainly go back for second looks based on that.

Actually, that's the EXACT look my granny had when trying to make sure her denture fit correctly. And then we'd have iced tea and put puzzles together. Ah, youth.
Apr. 18th, 2008 06:38 pm (UTC)
OMG can you imagine being Meg's dentist? (Or orthodontist, or whomever-the-hell makes dentures for people)? Yeah, like I want to stick a little mirror and flashlight in THAT mouth.

LOL about granny. I wonder if Meg likes to do puzzles. It's possible. *giggles*
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