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Everybody Loves Megalodon?

Hee . . . I just noticed something sort of odd. I was poking around my Flickr account, and clicked the "Popular" tag, which shows how many times some of my photos had been viewed. Nothing too strange here . . . most of my photos have been viewed about a dozen times; some less than that, a few significantly more (like, maybe 40 views).

Except this one photo:

Connor's favorite shark, Megalodon

This photo, of Connor with a Megalodon at some museum we visited on our cross-country trip, has been viewed 1321 times. What the heck? Why on earth has this one photo gotten so many hits? Does everyone just really love Megalodon? :P

ETA: Mystery solved! (Thanks, syrinxkat). Apparently, that photo (and others) shows up in Yahoo's image search function. I had no idea my photos would show up in search engine searches, but I think it's way cool that they do. :D



Apr. 18th, 2008 06:53 pm (UTC)
Okay, so the stats page is the coolest thing EVER! :D

Also . . . amazingly, that photo is getting hits through Yahoo's image search. In fact, about half of all the hits I've had for my photos came through Yahoo image search. I didn't even know my photos would turn up in Yahoo image search! That's totally cool.
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