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Project 365, Day 26 - Get Your Game On

Day 26 - Yu-Gi-Oh!, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Something happened yesterday, something I never ever thought possible. Heaven help me, but I bought myself a Yu-Gi-Oh deck. :D

Connor got interested in the game after watching the Saturday morning cartoon (ha ha ha ha, yes I've allowed my child to be sucked in by EVIL children's marketing practices). So, I bought him a deck of his own. Of course, I wasn't clever enough to think through what this meant . . . if he has a deck, surely he would want to play the game with someone. His dad pretty much refused, which leaves - you guessed it! - ME. *head desks*

So, yesterday I went shopping for a deck. *fears world may stop turning on its axis* Okay, so it's really not all that bad. I've ended up with a deck I like rather a lot, actually. The "Dinosaurs' Rage" structure deck, plus some stuff I've added, including a lot of Crystal Beasts and related spells. Oh, and I threw a few dragons in there, too. :D (That's my game mat opposite Connor, btw, featuring the AWESOME Super Conductor Tyranno. PHEAR ME)!!!!

Today, we dueled for the first time, and I learned threee things: 1) OMG there are a lot of rules; 2) this is a really good tutorial for learning to play: http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/yugioh/en/gameplay/demo/default.aspx; and 3) it's actually a pretty good game. I enjoyed it, and found it MUCH better than Chaotic. (Yeah, I've played that one too. Shut up). :D So, I've told Connor that I'll duel him again. This made him happy. It's good, fun, Mommy/Connor time together, and that makes me happy. Plus I've got Super Conductor Tyranno, who is pretty much UNSTOPPABLE! RRRROOOOOAAARRRRRR!!!!!

Get your game on!

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